Think chandeliers only belong in ballrooms or with art deco?

Choosing lighting for a room is not as simple as choosing a lamp you like. There are several considerations to keep in mind in order to maximize efficiency and create the ambiance desired for the room. You need to factor the purpose of the room as well as existing features in the room. Do you want to express your individuality?

Redoing your lighting can make a gloomy room into an efficient, functional room. It can also change your mood, which is beneficial if calming down and getting ready for sleep is a priority.

Begin with your assets

How much natural lighting does the space have? What is the size and space of the room? What is your furniture layout? Do you have special features you want to highlight?

If you do a lot of entertaining around a long dining room table, a chandelier or mini chandelier may be just the thing. Chandeliers are also a great choice for a large room with a high ceiling because it provides flexibility for getting the light down to the height you want.

What is your style?

If you want the room to exude warmth, use a soft gold finish with soft colors. The art deco style from the 1920’2-1970’s, has graceful artistry while maintaining form, lending itself perfectly to a space needing an artsy atmosphere. A chandelier here would be spectacular.

The retro or industrial style is mostly metal, but not warehouse like. It is more refined, which suits a kitchen or dining space. Many fixtures, especially bespoke, can be large statement pieces in and of themselves. If your statement piece is not a light fixture, it could use lighting for accent.

Another popular choice is minimalism. This has simple lines, nothing ornate and soft colors. While you may not think chandelier and minimalism go together, they do combine to make a statement of elegance and refinement.

What are lumens?

Lumens are the measurement of brightness the bulb and fixture produces. If you have a specific desired brightness level, this can help eliminate fixtures that will not suit your needs.

Light Color Lumens
Soft white yellowish 2700k-3000k
Warm white More white than yellow 3000k-4000k
Bright light White 4000k-5000k
Daylight Very white 5000k-6500k

What type of fixture to choose?

Chandeliers add elegance to any space, while pendants can provide a focal point. Track lighting can be used to give a room a different feel and floor lamps can provide ambiance, task lighting or accent.

Now you can pick your preferred style, know your needs, and what type of fixtures to choose from. Be careful not to mix metals, but you can mix styles, if the pieces are well chosen and blend attractively. The last thing to pay attention to is ensuring your textures or colors do not clash.

Begin your lighting adventure with the knowledge that you got this. You have style and grace, and good friends if you need them, so making these decisions is well within your capabilities.

Go forth and light up your life.

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