floor lighting lamps

Choosing a Floor Lamp

Is this your first home or apartment without built in lighting in all rooms? Or do you want to add functional diversity to the space by using layered lighting? Either way, floor lamps are a great choice.

There are many options available when it come to buying lighting so you are sure to find just what you need. In fact, there are so many that you may need to narrow down your choices. Here are the factors that do that.

Start With The Basics

Do you have natural lighting? What light fixtures do you already have? What style is the decor?

Are you looking to add task lighting, ambiance, accent lighting or layered lighting?

Layered lighting creates balance, eliminates shadows and glare. This is best done by mixing fixture types. It can also be done with a floor lamp that also has a directional task light at chair height. Choose a shade shape suitable to your needs and keep your eye out for bonus features.

Special Features On Floor Lamps

Many floor lamps now come equipped with storage, USB ports and touch controls. They also vary in providing uplighting, downlighting or both. They can add general room illumination and task lighting.  Some floor lamps are statement pieces all by themselves, but be careful not to sacrifice function for form.

No matter what features you choose, ensure that the lamp shade is eye level when seated next to it. Staring at a bare bulb is quite uncomfortable. If you want to interrogate your daughter’s date, use a directional reading lamp for that.

Floor Lamp Styles

There are more options than the traditional pole with a light at the top and a button you step on to turn on or off. Some of these options come with caveats.

Tree lamps are just as they sound. They have multiple arms and lights that go in different directions. They allow maximum adjusting for directional lighting as they frequently include shades that rotate or tilt. They are also not a good choice in tight spaces, around people prone to bumping into things and may obstruct line of sight in the room. A heavy base would make it more stable, which is much appreciated by those of us whose jerk cat attacks whatever we love the most.

Tripod lamps have three legs instead of one pole. However, this brings with it the danger that the space is not big enough for people to get by without tripping on the legs. Since there is no base, if it was heavy, that would just give it a higher center of gravity. Ensuring a lot of clearance space is best for these.

It is acceptable to mix styles, if they are well chosen. This may seem odd, but industrial style has become that little black dress of home decor. It has become quite refined and goes with almost everything. Some retro and industrial styles compliment each other quite well. Industrial would make a good partner with the new Edison design line. Well chosen minimalism and industrial pieces can blend seamlessly.

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